Embody your Sacred Feminine.

Feminine Somatics Immersion Training (100hrs) is a process of somatic education and spiritual physiology for women.

Embodiment is to feel and be a living body, stop surviving. Inhabit your body without narratives, without judgment, and without interpretation. To inhabit the wisdom of the body is to inhabit self-care, self-love and the unique voice that emerges from within us.

We will journey without ideology, without dogmas, from the body.

Together we make a trip to our womb, feeling and learning from our physiology, to develop self-knowledge: true female empowerment, because whoever knows herself finds her own medicine and wisdom.

We take a journey of all the processes that happen in your womb, physiologically, anatomically and spiritually.

The knowledge is scientifically and somatically updated. You will have resources so that you can listen and feel your hormones, understand your cyclicity, your fertility.

● scientific evidence and updated physiology
● somatic experiences, journey to the body
● hormonal meditations
● art
● circles of deep listening
● Ecosomatic herbalism

The felt sense of our hormones will guide us, so we can connect with the flow of our hormonal rivers. We are going body inside to study and understand our hormonal and womb physiology.

We will be diving into:

● The wisdom of our bones, the container of our continents / brains
● Hormonal wisdom
● Brains in female body
● Wisdom of the menstrual cycle

● Wisdom and physiology of the womb
● The spiritual womb, wisdom of creation
● Ecosomatic Herbalism
● Womb and Nervous System

● This training is guided from a Trauma Informed approach, and you also will be introduced to Nervous System and Trauma Education for women.

What Skills Will I Gain Through Training?

● You will go deep into the study and understanding of your hormonal physiology and womb.

●  This training gives you the opportunity to rediscover yourself, take care of yourself, grow old loving yourself, reconcile with your body, understand your relationship with the earth and self-manage your feminine health

●  Receive resources to heal, recover your pleasure, free your body from cultural disease.

●  As you embody and integrate this information you will gain the confidence to teach and guide other women through this material in women circle or integrate this knowledge in the work you already do.


Embodied Feminine EcoSomatics is open to all women who feel called to live an experience of reconnection and reconciliation with their body, to explore the spiritual messages of their wise female hormones and their womb are welcome.

All women who want to revive surrounded by mountains and feminine medicine are welcome.

● Certifications
The course/hours count as Continuing Education hours for already Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®)


What’s is included?

Printed Manual/PDF Manual
Clean water and tea from the garden

15 days / 14-night accommodation – camping in a tent (mattress, linings, and blankets provided)
All vegan/vegetarian and local foods
Eligible to register continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance upon completion (if you are already registered, this is optional)
One Temazcal ceremony

Termal Waters Excursion to dive into the rivers of our womb and hormones. We will be experiencing  practices in the water.
KiekariTerra Welcome Kit

3 Online group follow up sessions
Round transportation from Xalapa Bus Central to Kiekari Terra Institute

What’s is not included?

● Airplane ticket
● Lunch and dinner on days off (Saturday)
● Snacks of your preferences
● Laundry service
● Additional services not mentioned in the program

The accommodation will be in a private tent, including a comfortable pad, sheets, and a pillow (KiekariTerra will provide all these for you ). You will sleep with the sound of the river and wake up with the sound of the birds. There is no electricity so it is perfect to reconnect with your circadian rhythms.
The weather at KiekariTerra is very changeable. The trainings taking place on October/November/February will experience more cold days during the mornings and evenings, so if you are sensitive to cold, make sure you bring warm clothes. In KiekariTerra we provide blankets but if this is not enough for you, you can also book the training in warmer months like March, April/ May/June.

There are three cats living in the house. Therefore, if you are allergic to cats you wont be able to use the library that is inside the house. We also have three dogs that will be around while you are here, they are very welcoming and calm dogs some nights they bark, some nights they don’t, depending on their mood. If you have any type of situation with dogs, this is not the best training for you. There is also a rooster that sings early in the mornings around 5:30 – 6:00 a.m. If you are a light light sleeper maybe you would like to consider, this is the ranch life, you are very welcome to our land if this resonates as a good learning experience for you.

All of the students will get some tasks to do as Karma Yoga during the training, this could be keeping clean and tidy the shala, keeping the communal table clean, feeding the chickens, checking the sawdust in the dry toilets, helping set the dinner table.


              • ● A reservation requires a deposit of 14% of the total price.
              • ● The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
              • ● The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.

2023 Training dates:

      • ● June 15th- 27th
      • Facilitator: María Kiekari


This training can be booked as private ( 10 days) and can be personalized according to your needs.
Please contact Maria Kiekari for this.