Soma Yoga Educator provides a solid foundation for teaching yoga from a somatic and mobility education perspective to educate about human movement and deepen one’s personal practice. Yoga teachers are educated in a combination of living anatomy, physiology, somatic education, and movement science with traditional yoga practice. 

Soma Yoga is not just another style of yoga, it is a way of relating to the body that brings more awareness of the symbiotic relationships that we maintain inside and outside of ourselves. We offer the tools and resources that will help you have a solid foundation to teach in a way that makes sense to you as a yoga and movement educator and to your students, we have detour from an education that imposes postures, sequences on bodies and move towards an approach that provides creative thinking, inquiry, curiosity, exploration in a well-guided and safe class. You will experience and learn tools to facilitate Hatha Yoga and Flow classes, depending on what you feel like sharing.

This certification is guided by three pillars:


We are bridging the gap between yoga and contemporary movement science education, to help teachers develop their craft and empower them.


These two teachings offer essential tools for self knowledge, and experiencing wholeness and freedom while living.


This training explores both the practical wisdom and the theoretical underpinnings of a shift to a life-sustaining future – set within a framework of nature and dharma based learning.

Our purpose

Is that at the end of your training you leave with good resources to feel safe and honest with yourself to share your wisdom. This program is not alignment based, which means we don’t focus on getting people into poses, but instead allow bodies to find their own sense of alignment where they feel more space, control and stability from the inside out. and not from the outside in (trying to fit and fix the body in an image of what a posture should look like). You will have the maps to guide your students to enter this place of curiosity and exploration in their own bodies, providing knowledge and education about the body and its many forms of relationships that it maintains within its systems.

​Dive into the living traditions of yoga and explore how this ancient wisdom remains relevant in our modern-day life. There will be many explorations about the physical asanas of course, and, you will also gain understanding about other layers of your being including the energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. There will be ample opportunity to explore the art and science of yoga through the lens of your own practice, and from the lens of being a skillful yoga teacher. Most valuable of all, this program of self discovery is an invitation to dive into the depths of who you are. You will leave this program having learned more about yourself and will gain tools on finding greater inner peace, love and freedom.


Anatomy and Physiology from a Somatic Education approach, Biomechanics of Breath Pranayama, Observation and Practice Teaching, Assisting, Trauma Informed Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Embodied Anti-opression work, Sustainable and deliberate sequences, Pose Analysing and Purpose, Teaching Pedagogy, Chakras, Meditation, Permaculture, Gut Health (Microbiome).

You will learn the whys of yoga postures and how to make them functional for activities of daily living or other movement practices. These foundations will serve as powerful roots from which to teach and guide your students through a practice that educates, inspires, and heals. This is a trauma-informed yoga training, so you will be guided through learning the principles of neuroscience, trauma, and how to lead a trauma-informed class, creating safe and accessible spaces, and being a constant observer of your verbal and non- verbal language.

We will be learning about social justice from an embodied approach, providing an introduction to anti-oppression work that begins with your very being and body. This yoga training seeks to train and inspire teachers to live yoga from the sacred, through deep experience, knowledge and inquiry, to live and experience the innate connections that each one has with other beings, and the Earth’s self-healing ability.