Living more fully in our bodies can help us answer many of our questions regarding how to live responsibly with and on the earth.

This training is about embodiment, the human being at home, each of us in our own body.
To be present in our body is a form of awareness, and it is a first step toward being kind to ourselves and others. In coming into our body we become connected to our greater home, the earth, we become a part of the earth and she a part of us.

Embodiment is our original nature. Animals, everybody is fully embodied possibly all the time, certaintly most of the time. The tree is just momento to momento embodying its flow, there is no pause, interruption, truncation. We start at a pretty young age to interrupt our flow. It does not take many years for an infant to learn what behaviors are and arent welcome from their environment. We are being socialized from day one.
Our frontal lobes have taken over in the last several years. Our behavior are being most prescribe by social norms and less engendered from our own bodily experiences.

Imagine. What it would feel like to dive below your social conditioning and express embodiment as it arises without this social conditioning in your body right now? This body, this sensations, no rules. Conscious or unconscious rules.
Is is part of the human conditioning to search, not knowing exactly what it is we seek, yet somehow sensing something hidden in our hearts. Learning is simoultaneously a leap into the new and strange and also a return to what we already know deeply.

This training is an invitation to return to our source and remember ourselves along the way.
During this 15 immersion we will be diving into direct experience of anatomical body systems and developmental movement patterns using techniques of touch and movement repatterning.
In this training we learn through both objective study and subjective experience, attempting to create an integrated balance between the two, although we will be placing more emphasis on the subjective and experiential aspects of learning, because our culture tends to attribute greater value to (relatively) objective and scientific knowledge. Working in this way, we learn to trust in the value of our own knowing.
Mind and body are integrally connected and mutually interactive expressions of being. Healing or change in the body mind can be effected by working directly on the body tissues and movement patterns to influence the mind or by working consciously with the mind to possitively affect physical conditions.

The work we will be doing here is also about learning how we learn, how we access information, make transitions from one state to another, and develop the awareness of this process. It is an approach based on direct experience and observation, where the facilitator´s own awareness and embodied experience is an essential tool in the educational, therapeutic or healing work.
Many of us have been conditioned from an early age to deny the feeling and expresiveness of our bodies. Much of our energy and aliveness in then inhibited, and we also lose access to the knowledge and wisdom that the body holds. Often we feel cut off, disassociated from our physical body, which can lead to sensations of ungroundedness, tension or weakness, discomfort, pain and lack of real and vital contact with our environment. These sensations will also be reflected in our psychological states and the health of our bodies.
Somatic Embodiment Training offers a gently come back home into the body and to reexperience the harmonious integration of sensation, feeling, mind and spirit that is ours by nature. We learn to listen to the body through quiet sensing work, our breath, and the use of guided imagery, and to let its wisdom guide us in an exploration of our needs. We learn to trust the body and its intuitive knowledge. Through focudes touch and sensitively guided movement, areas of tension and blockage can be released and the core of inner support and strength can be reexperienced.

Our Somactic Embodiment Training is a journey into:

      • ● An experiential study of all the anatomical systems in the body, organs, skin, muscles, bones, fluids, endocrine and nervous system, each express their own quality of movement, feeling, touch, perception and attention.
      • ● An exploration of the developmental movement patterns that will help us to identify areas of personal strength and limitation; movement is repatterned as we allow the mind of our learned movement patterns to change.
      • ● Greater integration, clarity, and creativity in our expression in the world.
      • ● Have an understanding of how trauma impacts the brain, nervous system, movement, and overall the whole body.

    • Somatic Embodiment Training is informed and inspired in the practices of Somatic Experiencing, Body Mind Movement, Continuum Movement, Movement for Trauma and Body Mind Psychotherapy.
      Somatic Embodiment Training is open to helping professionals who are interested in the interface between body, mind, and emotions. The fundamental focus of this training is cultivating a deep level of embodiment and it can be studied, practiced and applied in your own field of work; this includes teachers of dance, yoga, martial arts, other approaches to movement education and therapy, massage and bodywork practitioners; occupationla therapists, physica therapists and psychotherapists, nurses, caregivers, and health educators; and dancers, singers, musicians, actors, and visual artists.

What Skills Will I Gain Through Training?

  • ● Learn the skills necessary to support your clients and students in their own embodiment process. ● Deepen your own relationship between body, mind, and emotions. ● Cognitive and experiential knowledge of motor development and body systems.
    ● Facilitation tools of body systems and developmental actions to support personal development.
    ● How to use mindful movement and somatic education to reduce trauma and stress symptoms and cultivate a greater sense of well-being and resilience.

    • Program Topics:
    • ● Somatic Awareness practice
      ● Somatic education & Embodiment of the major body systems
      ● Cellular Existence / Cellular Awareness
      ● 12 Basic Developmental Movement Patterns or Neurocellular actions
      ● 5 fundamental actions
      ● Nervous System Education
      ● The Polyvagal theory in practice
      ● Embodied Listening / Embodied Observing / Embodied Touch

      • Certifications:

          • ● The course/hours count as Continuing Education hours for already Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®)

            • What is included?:
            • ● Printed manual/ PDF manual
              ● Clean water and tea from the garden
              ● 15 days / 14-night accommodation – camping in a tent (mattress, linings, and blankets provided)
              ● All vegan/vegetarian and local foods
              ● ligible to register continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance upon completion (if you are already registered, this is optional)
              ● One Temazcal ceremony
              ● KiekariTerra Welcome Kitl
              ● Round transportation from Xalapa Bus Central to Kiekari Terra Institute

              • What is not included?:
              • ● Airplane ticket
                ● Lunch and dinner on days off (Saturdays)
                ● Snacks of your preferences
                ● Additional services not mentioned in the program

Our Somactic Embodiment Training is a journey into:

The accommodation will be in a private tent, including a comfortable pad, sheets, and a pillow (KiekariTerra will provide all these for you ). You will sleep with the sound of the river and wake up with the sound of the birds. There is no electricity so it is perfect to reconnect with your circadian rhythms.
The weather at KiekariTerra is very changeable. The trainings taking place on October/November/February will experience more cold days during the mornings and evenings, so if you are sensitive to cold, make sure you bring warm clothes. In KiekariTerra we provide blankets but if this is not enough for you, you can also book the training in warmer months like March, April/ May/June.

There are three cats living in the house. Therefore, if you are allergic to cats you wont be able to use the library that is inside the house. We also have three dogs that will be around while you are here, they are very welcoming and calm dogs some nights they bark, some nights they don’t, depending on their mood. If you have any type of situation with dogs, this is not the best training for you. There is also a rooster that sings early in the mornings around 5:30 – 6:00 a.m. If you are a light light sleeper maybe you would like to consider, this is the ranch life, you are very welcome to our land if this resonates as a good learning experience for you.

All of the students will get some tasks to do as Karma Yoga during the training, this could be keeping clean and tidy the shala, keeping the communal table clean, feeding the chickens, checking the sawdust in the dry toilets, helping set the dinner table.


      • ● A reservation requires a deposit of 14% of the total price.
      • ● The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
      • ● The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.

    2023 Training dates:

        • ● January 31st-February 14th
        • ● July 25th – August 8th
        • ● September 28th – October 12th
        • ● The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.

      Facilitator: María Kiekari