When you are able to bring awareness and curiosity to your early adaptive experiences while being supported by another and aware of the larger blueprint field support, you can begin to unravel, heal, and integrate these imprints. You can cultivate more compassion and connection with yourselves and with life itself. Healing is a process, an unfolding. Life is beautiful and messy, and you don’t have to hold it all alone. Helping you to be who you really are, this retreat is an intimate group setting for a personal process of healing.

What are early imprints?

In order to come into form, your expanded consciousness experienced a contraction, just like in the process of birthing. In the journey of your conception, you had to come into relationship with all that was here before you: Your paternal line, maternal line, your environment, culture, your mother, father, all the layers they were holding, all the unresolved layers, all the health too. This is the place that the imprints get laid down over the blueprint. In response to those imprints you created strategies and defenses that supported you to survive.

Beginning in the womb, imprinting affects the way energy moves through the body, causing distortions and leaving energy trails at key points in your personal energy system, emotional body, nervous system development, and other body systems. As you grow up to be children and adults the imprints of the past can show up through what you call implicit somatic memory (ISM). ISM can feel so much like what is happening is happening now but actually the stories are in the body and the energy field, in the history and the imprint is being activated.

When these ISM’s come up, it is likely that they are connected to your Little One self, and connected to a very early preverbal time. Your innocent embryo and infant self has stories carried within… these stories long to be known and received but often they are missed.


During this retreat, you will be doing the next explorations:

Diving into fluid embryo body
As you practice the breaths, sounding and gentle mindful movement, you find yourselves slowing down and melting. Your tissues become softer and more spacious as you de-densify and return to your original fluid embryonic potential.

Embodying embryology
Embryology refers to the study of your earliest development in the womb as you come into form. The bio-intelligence guiding you then continues to be available to you. You can return to the fluid potential of the little embryo you once were.
In this exploration, inspired by images of embryo development, you engage in the breaths, sounding, and mindful movement of to dissolve patterns and habits developed over a lifetime and reclaim that original potential. You can emerge with increased flexibility, resilience, creativity, and well-being.

Prenatal movement
You learn about early fetal movement and explore similar motion and sensation in your adult bodies. The potential of this exploration is increased awareness of your bodies, augmented energy and sensation, and enhanced sense of joy and well-being in living in these bodies.

Pre-conception and conception journey
Implantation journey potential
There is no active effort involved here. This exploration will support you in reconnecting with this fluidic original resonant state.

Diving into sequencing, to help understand imprints better.
Every story has a beginning, middle and end and so your life story has a beginning, middle and end – and within your whole life you have many beginnings, middles and endings.
This is what sequencing is, but it’s narrowed down to your earliest memories because this is where many imprints get laid down. In particular, your birth.

What’s included

All vegetarian / vegan meals (lunch / breakfast / dinner)
One traditional Temazcal (sweat lodge)
Termal waters excursion
5 nights accommodation in your own tent (KiekariTerra provides everything including the tent for you to come and be comfortable)
Journey Into Life program
Round transportation







(Booking 45 days before the arrival date)


Early Bird $16,900.00 mxn
Regular Price $19,600.00 mxn

This retreat can be booked as private
and can be personalized according to your needs with early imprints. Please contact Maria Kiekari for this.