Step into a Journey of Healing, Empowerment, and Well-being with EcoSomatic Trauma Therapy

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and overall well-being, transcending the boundaries of traditional talk therapy? 

EcoSomatic Trauma Therapy is a holistic and cutting-edge approach to healing that goes beyond conventional methods. My mission is clear: to rekindle the wisdom of your body, guide you through a profound process of renegotiating trauma, and help you attain a harmonious and balanced nervous system while fostering resilience, inner strength, and a deepened connection with the living world around you.

At EcoSomatic Trauma Therapy, we seamlessly integrate a rich tapestry of modalities, including ecosomatic education, restoration practices, and movement for trauma recovery, drawing from the latest neuroscience breakthroughs. This approach allows you to regain personal security and mastery over life’s challenges while recognizing your interconnectedness with the Earth.

In today’s world, healing trauma involves more than just addressing the mind. It’s equally essential to attend to the body, which serves as a repository for the memories of your past, communicating through tension, posture, and emotions. You may have carried the weight of past traumas, resulting in a protective shell around your heart. Perhaps you’ve found yourself frozen or collapsing in response to triggers rooted in your traumatic history. You might even be aware of how your past trauma has influenced your ability to make eye contact, stand tall, or speak confidently.

EcoSomatic Trauma Therapy offers a pathway to release this long-held tension from your body, liberating you from the shackles of your past and enabling you to reclaim your innate strength and resilience. My approach speaks to your body in ways that words alone cannot, utilizing a blend of ecosomatic techniques, strength and mobility exercises, neurosensory methods, and transpersonal art therapy.

Somatic Theraphy...

Somatic Therapy in trauma treatment allows you to release long-held tension from your body. As a result, you have an opportunity to discover a greater sense of freedom in your body and mind. Your body gives you feedback about when the events of the past no longer define your life in the present. As a result, you claim your resilience.
— Dr. Arielle Schwartz”

We recognize that trauma, stress, and anxiety often manifest within our bodies, leading to feelings of insecurity, mistrust, hypervigilance, and emotional turmoil.

But here’s the essential message: there is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken or damaged.


You are an incredibly powerful and resilient human being, and EcoSomatic Trauma Therapy is here to help you harness that power for your well-being.

MY approach empowers you to:

  •  • Rediscover a profound sense of wholeness and vitality.
  •  • Build confidence and self-assurance by recognizing your inner strength and personal boundaries.
  •  • Gain a deep understanding of your nervous system’s functions to facilitate overall wellness.
  •  • Acquire techniques and strategies to navigate life’s challenges with grace.

EcoSomatic Trauma Therapy unfolds in three stages,
each tailored to your unique pace and needs:

  • Stabilize: In the first stage, we help you develop resources to manage challenging emotions and distressing memories. If you’re feeling stuck in a heightened state of alertness or exhaustion, this stage aims to stabilize your symptoms and restore a sense of safety in the present.
  • Process: The second stage invites you to reprocess the emotions, sensations, and beliefs tied to your traumatic experiences, liberating you from negative beliefs, emotions, somatic experiences, and behaviors linked to your past trauma.
  • Integrate: The third stage centers on incorporating these positive changes into your overall sense of self, allowing you to reflect on the profound meaning of your unique life experiences.

As your therapeutic companion, I provide you with a comprehensive guide to unlock your internal resources for resilience and foster lasting, meaningful relationships.

Your journey toward empowerment, renewed balance, and overall well-being begins here with EcoSomatic Trauma Therapy.
Join me and take the first step toward unlocking your body’s incredible potential, while recognizing your interconnectedness with the Earth.

Contact me to book a session and embark on your path to healing, empowerment, and a deeper connection with the living world.